‘Revadi culture’ is dangerous for country’s development, says PM Modi; urges young people to guard against it: The Tribune India


Jalaun (UP), July 16

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday warned people against what he called a “revadi culture” of giving gifts for votes and said it was “very dangerous” for the country’s development.

The Prime Minister used ‘revadi’, a popular North Indian sweet often given out during festivals, as a metaphor for gifts pledged by various parties to seize power and said the people, especially the youth, should protect against it.

Addressing a rally here after the inauguration of the 296 km Bundelkhand highway built at a cost of around Rs 14,850 crore, Modi said that this highway will not only give speed to vehicles but also speed up the industrial progress of the whole of Bundelkhand.

He said the distance between Chitrakoot and Delhi via the Bundelkhand highway has been reduced from three to four hours, but his advantage is much more than that and he hit in previous waivers in Uttar Pradesh for the lack of connectivity.

The “dual engine” government was now delivering the major transformation of the state with rapidly improving connectivity and much better law and order, he said.

Modi asserted that no such work should be done without being linked to current aspirations and a better future for the country.

The thought behind every decision and policy should be that the country’s development would be accelerated, the prime minister said, adding that he should be assured that all those things that harm and negatively impact the country’s development are kept in check. ‘difference.

Modi said the country has a very good opportunity for development and he should not let it pass. “We must ensure maximum development in this era and take the country to new heights and build a new India,” he said.

Modi said the new India also faces a challenge which, if ignored now, would be detrimental to this generation. “Your present will be lost and your future shrouded in darkness. It is important to be vigilant,” he added.

“In our country today, attempts are being made to bring about a culture of vote-collecting by distributing ‘revadis’. This “revadi culture” is very dangerous for the development of the country. The locals and especially the youth need to guard against this culture,” Modi said.

He said those who indulge in “revadi culture” will never build new highways, airports and defense corridors. “People from the ‘revadi culture’ think they will bribe people by handing out free ‘revadi’. We must overcome their thinking together. The ‘revadi culture’ must be removed from the politics of the country,” Modi said without taking names.

Modi’s remarks were aimed at parties that resorted to giveaways, especially ahead of the polls.

“Away from Revadi culture, we are focusing on fulfilling people’s aspirations by building new roads and railways,” he said.

Millions of “pucca” houses are being built for the people, dams are being built and irrigation systems are being implemented to ensure the living comfort of the poor and farmers, the prime minister said.

He said the BJP’s “dual engine” governments were not taking the shortcut of “revadi culture”, but working hard for the better future of their state.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh is witnessing a major transformation with improved law and order and rapidly improving connectivity, Modi said, and asked people to recall the state of law and order and connectivity in Uttar Pradesh earlier.

BJP leaders use the term “dual engine” to refer to the ruling party in the Center as well as in a state.

Modi said the development path the country is embarking on has two fundamental aspects: “iraada aur maryada” (intention and decorum).

“We are not only creating new facilities for the present, but we are also building the future of the country,” he said.

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