The development of the Telegram Premium subscription resurfaces

One of the most popular texting and chatting apps in the world, Telegram is planning to add a premium subscription for users. This is something that could be tracked by other chat apps as well. In the past, we have heard rumors of an alleged Premium membership coming to Telegram. Now, a recognized developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, has revealed information about it.

Telegram Premium Subscription Details

It should be noted that if you download the Telegram app right now, the app will greet you with the message – “Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees.” However, looking at recent developments, this could potentially turn out to be wrong.

Alessandro shared on his Twitter profile that Telegram is working on a new “Telegram Premium” plan. This would allow users to unlock additional reactions and more. The developer also shared an image of what the Telegram Premium option would look like on the smartphone.

This could mean that the current reactions and app features would still be free. But there might be other additional reactions that users should pay to unlock. This is a business model that can be easily adopted by other social media texting apps such as WhatsApp and Signal.

However, it should be noted that reactions and stickers are widely used on Telegram, but not on Signal and WhatsApp. So while the premium subscription model for some reactions and more might be followed by other platforms, it might not be as effective.

Anyway, nothing is confirmed by Telegram itself for now. However, companies such as Telegram could not continue to offer free services indefinitely. These businesses need a strong revenue model to run the organization. WhatsApp could also offer a premium subscription with an ad-based model for the free version. There were strong rumors that WhatsApp was working to introduce ads on WhatsApp Stories. It could well happen.

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