Victor Energy opens initial public offering

SOMERSET, New Jersey, June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Victor Energy, a provider of solar technology for industrial buildings, today announced the launch of its public offering. The company’s innovative thin-film solar technology for industrial buildings ushers in the future of solar power on industrial rooftops.

Traditional solar modules are heavy, rigid, have high installation costs and cannot be installed on all surfaces on a large scale. Additionally, solar farms use approximately 305,239 acres of land in the United States. There is evidence that solar power can significantly mitigate the rate of climate disruption, while adding value to industrial industry and surrounding communities. However, for solar energy to be an integral part of the overall solution, solar panels need the flexibility to be installed on many more surfaces.

Victor Energy’s revolutionary solar module design is unlike any other on the market. New technology allows solar racks to be light enough to sit on top of massive industrial buildings. Using thin-film technology, Victor Energy seeks to create real change in the industry through its first solar panels.

The total market for grid-connected power is valued at approximately $2.5 trillion per year worldwide, and the market for available usable solar modules accounts for approximately $48 billion in module sales per year. With 10 billion square feet of rooftop real estate, Victor Energy offers investors the opportunity to enter the ground floor of this booming market with a minimum investment amount per investor of $250.

“We believe there is a win, win, win scenario with the right technology. A win for warehouses to power themselves and in the future, and for their EV truck fleets,” says Michael W. Wellet, Jr., PE, CPE, Founder of Victor Energy.

“Furthermore, there is a win for the community where the warehouses are able to supply electricity to the grid for their surrounding area and a win for the surrounding farmers and landowners who do not have to give up their land. to solar farms”, John F. Beaupre, founder of Victor Energy says.

The company is set to begin the first phase of its market plan by partnering with Lehigh University to develop its thin-film solar technology and seek to begin research and development in fall 2022. next phase will be to prototype the racking system and ballast that will be needed to create higher efficiency and provide a solution to the weight distribution problem on current solar panels. Finally, as the company will not act as a manufacturer or distributor, Victor Energy will license its breakthrough IP technology to companies that have already entered the market and will be able to provide instant distribution and sales.

The Victor Energy team is comprised of executive and R&D team members with expertise in a wide range of fields including materials science, device physics, chemistry, plasmonics, nanotechnology, nano-engineering, testing and manufacturing.

The Company encourages all interested investors to visit to learn more about the new offering.

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