Miami, Fla., Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Moishe Mana’s Mana Common unveils designs by renowned architecture and design studio ZYSCOVICH for a striking facade of irregular glass panels to form a unique fixture in the line of Miami downtown skyline. The Nikola Tesla Innovation Hub is a collaboration between the Mana Tech and Mana Properties divisions of Mana Common and marks the cornerstone of Mana’s aspirations to make the Flagler District a global technology hub and the economic engine of the region. The intention of the designers was to give potential tenants an inspiring view of the Flagler neighborhood as it develops.

“As the first new building to be built in the (visionary) Flagler district, it had to be iconic,” said Bernard Zyscovich. “To achieve this while respecting the smaller canvas and scale of the building, which we intentionally kept in the fabric of the city center, we looked for ways to open up the building to the neighborhood and welcome it. The design was also meant to speak to the future of downtown Miami and the hub of technology, culture, and commerce that it is meant to be. The existing exterior skin will be removed and replaced with an artistic facade of reflective glass and shaded glass, providing the ability to see inside and be reflected in the same facade.

Originally built in 1980, the 13-story building once housed federal law enforcement offices, including the Miami divisions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) , US Customs and Federal Immigration Offices. The complete renovation of the building’s gut is being led by Telesco, with the completion and delivery of 137,000 square feet of new rental office space and 6,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor on S. Miami Avenue. The garage adjacent to 26 SE First Street will also be undergoing renovations to provide 324 spaces to service the building.

As Moishe Mana says: “The tenants who will occupy this building will be among the first and courageous dreamers of what will be the most exciting neighborhood in the world. As they pursue their own dreams every day, I want them to be inspired by watching mine come true.

The Nikola Tesla Innovation Hub marks Mana Common’s first project as part of the Flagler District’s ambitious development in downtown Miami. Moishe Mana is Miami’s largest private landowner and a major player in downtown revitalization, with more than 60 properties in the area and four more under construction. Interior demolition at 155 S. Miami Ave. started at the end of 2020 to prepare for a complete renovation of the building by 2022.

“Nikola Tesla was an underrated genius during his lifetime,” says Moishe Mana, CEO of Mana Common. “Like Henry Flagler, Tesla lived in the Golden Age, a period of ingenuity and technological innovation, but also of brutal competition. At Mana Common, we believe that when competition is tempered by a compassionate spirit of the common good, we all benefit. “

“Nikola Tesla is the perfect example of a man whose desire to benefit humanity outweighed his personal ambitions,” Mana explains. “This building is a tribute to this heritage.

On Common mana
Mana Common is our neighborhood revitalization platform.

We believe that truly integrated neighborhoods, where residents can live, work and play, are the wave of the future. As such, the divisions of Mana Common reflect the most fundamental elements on which a community is built: culture, commerce, technology, property, agriculture, and social impact.

The name “Mana Common” comes from our belief that our world is increasingly connected. Rather than focusing on our differences, our shared humanity gives us common ground, common decency, and common knowledge upon which a truly thriving community ecosystem must be built.

Using the Mana Common process, we start building community ecosystems long before any construction begins and continue to maintain them long after. This allows rapid, significant and permanent vitality for a neighborhood.

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